Translucent Plump Table Inspired By Structure Material


My background is in fine arts and sculpture, but I always had an interest in design.

While working for the designer Fernando Mastrangelo I was inspired to create my first furniture piece and submitted the Plump Table into his studio’s annual In Good Company design exhibition. It was my first foray into design and was well received. I was later awarded Sight Unseen’s American Design Hot List for 2018 because of the work.


The Plump Series is meant to be playful. Each solid part is connected with only notched joints like a large scale puzzle or kids toy. Inspiration for the work was all about the material. Resin can be dyed a multitude of shades and colors and each color plays and bounces light differently. Translucency and light effects are a huge part of my creative interest. Light changing colors as it travels through a material, or the way that clear objects bend the image that they are in front of. Light bending, or any other effect, has always inspired me and they inspired the Plump Series as well.





All images with courtesy of Ian Cochran

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