Garden Office By Igor Leal Empowers The Remote Employees


Buried Studio is a proposal for a workplace in the garden (a garden office).

The goal was to install a small studio on a piece of land in front of a conventional residence without affecting the view from its main facade. Clients, who eventually work in the home office, had the need to feel that they were leaving the house while working. To meet the requirements, the method of operational topography was used, in which the garden floor also serves as the studio’s cover.


First, a subtraction was made in the soil and an access stair. Then, with reinforced concrete slabs, the roof of the shelter was built with a curve with the grass of the garden going down to the lowest level, creating a green wall. The internal environment is closed by aluminum and glass frames and its floor and ceiling are covered in wood while the walls are made of concrete blocks. The external space has a rainwater catchment grid. This water is directed to the sinks and the toilet. The studio has a meeting table, a work table for two people, a micro kitchen with storage space, and a toilet.


Igor Leal is a Brazilian architect located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Through creative responses and contemporary design, it seeks spatial solutions that meet not only the needs of each project but also consider global issues. He believes that the relationship between human beings and the planet must be constructive and is constantly looking for new ways to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society. It privileges an architecture that has ethics and aesthetics, rethinks the human presence in society and nature, and proposes innovative paths in terms of form, matter, and place.



Photography with courtesy of Igor Leal


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