In Common With Presents The Philosophy Of Partnerships


Puck is a visual vocabulary: if each of the components are letters, the individual fixtures are neighboring words.

In this way, this series represents our entire philosophy: to create systems for manifesting new ideas. By stacking two identical shapes, we observed how easily new configurations can suggest themselves. Now the question is, what if we stacked 20?

Founded by Nicholas Ozemba and Felicia Hung in 2018 In Common With is a design studio. For the most part, we make lights. In Common With refers to the way we work. No single piece will ever be just us. Whether it’s our core product or custom work, every object is the result of us working quite literally right next to our partners. Together with our glassblowers, ceramicists, and metalsmiths we explore materials, trying anything at least once, and let the process of making inform the design and vice versa. So when you see an In Common With an object, you’re seeing many invisible hands.






All images with courtesy of In Common With

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