Jeremy Anderson’s Anthropomorphic Creatures Of Piccolo Parade


“In this moment, as we all isolate for the collective well-being, it feels particularly important to share my work which was inspired by a desire to create community. “

“These piccolos are my friends and have long kept me company. In that same spirit, I’d like to share them with you. In their idiosyncrasies and relationships, I hope you see the things that make us all human, as I do.” – Jeremy Anderson

New York City-based ceramic artist, Jeremy Anderson opens a virtual viewing room of his debut show Piccolo Parade. Inside his world, you can immerse yourself in 34 unique vessels which Anderson calls “Piccolos” – a collection of anthropomorphic creatures hand-assembled from wheel-thrown elements. With each piece of work, the forms arise organically from the clay, built from the group up allowing each character to grow into itself.


Anderson describes the small circular openings as the point of origin for each piece’s individual personality. He then hands paints a series of lines emanating from this opening, mapping the varied contours of each piece to reveal patterns that are as unique as the human characteristics he sees emerge from them. For the artist, the hours spent painting these reverberating lines becomes a meditative practice shared with his playmates, a growing community gazing skyward. 





All images with courtesy of Jeremy Anderson

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