MixCode Narrates Story Of Interconnectivity

Life consists of molecules. The division, replication, and reproduction of cells make us alive. Human thoughts are like these cells – ideas interact with each other and move forward together.

We use this metaphor to present the process of how the ideas come out. You can see various symbols of emotions and thoughts everywhere in the film, coming together to create ideas. Everything is connected to each other throughout time and space. You will see them live in harmony as you turn everything you know into creativity. You will see the flow of emotions, the inheritance of ideas, and the budding of new ideas. And everything is in meditation. See-through time, space, and thinking connected to each other and be shown in the future. Founded in 2013, MixCode is a creative studio that turns ideas into a unique visual experience, always WOWs you through the art of design and animation.






Production: MixCode

Director: Chiunyi Ko, TuBo Lee

Producer: Mibo Lin

Creative: Mibo Lin, Evan Chiu, Astri Liu, Chewie Hosono, UU

Character design: Chewie Hosono

Style frame (cel): Astri Liu, Evan Chiu

Design: Evan Chiu (lead), Astri Liu, Chewie Hosono, UU

Animation: Daniel Jiang, FIBO LIN

3D character animation: Chewie Hosono, Yi Sheng Jian

Music/sound design: HyperLung

All images with courtesy of MixCode


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