Sarofsky Creates Epic Main Title Piece “What You May Find” For FITC

For the 2020 edition of its flagship annual creative event in Toronto, design, and technology event producer FITC engaged design-driven production company Sarofsky to create an epic main title piece.

With the event’s postponement, both companies forged a new strategy to share their powerful cinematic experience, entitled “What You May Find.” Set to a new rendition of the classic hit “In The Year 2525,” this rich, iconic animation offers a stark vision of “what we may find,” ending with a ray of hope.

What You May Find: The Future of Innovation
What does the future hold? Can you see it? Things are progressing and changing faster and faster, sometimes, but not always for the better. As we enter the year 2020, we want to explore the future. What we want, what we imagined, and what will be. But all progress comes at a price.

What You May Find: The Future of Technology
We have state of the art technology in our pockets, and access to centuries of information with only a word. Where are the flying cars and jetpacks that we envisioned and were promised? Will our advances eventually plateau, or lead to a singularity.

What You May Find: The Future of Creativity
We live in the future now. For every new design and development, there are serious and incredible consequences. Will you find a new path, a new system, a new set of tools or a new found love for something from the past.







Design/Production Company: Sarofsky
Director: Erin Sarofsky
Co-Director: Duarte Elvas
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Producer: Kelsey Hynes
Lead Artists: Josh Smiertka, Jake Allen, Tanner Wickware, Matt Miltonberger
Additional Design and Animation: Ally Munro, Griffin Thompson, Andrew Hyden, Dan Moore, Tobi Mattner, Nik Braatz
Additional Contributors: Jamie Gray, Andrew Rosenstein, Mark Galazka, Kenny Albanese

Music Supervision: Groove Guild
Final Mix and Sound Design: Groove Guild

Music Track: “In the Year 2525”
Composer: Richard Evans
Performed by: Jon Notar featuring Jean Rohe
Master Recording: Groove Guild
Publisher: Zerlad Music Enterprises, Ltd. (BMI)
Worldwide Rights Administrator: Grow Your Own Music (BMI), a division of “A” Side Music, LLC d/b/a Modern Works Music Publishing

All images with courtesy of Sarofsky

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