An Ode To The Heritage By Studio Neba


Timeless house in Finnøy dates back and talks about the older origin of things.

Studio Neba designed a House in Finnøy, Norway around the philosophy of “An ode to the heritage”. Being located in the traditional district of Ryfylkeis where it once was the powerhouse during the fourteenth century, the client desired design to respect the heritage of an environment it belonged to.


The master bedroom is a tucked-away den-like space, to find solace from long days during the moony nights. Exposing to natural light has many health benefits, for example, it fights seasonal unhappiness and reduces the health risks of fluorescent light. Watching the stars, the moon, and the morning sun through the light shaft. The interior of the house is based on the earth’s assets, movement, pureness, and timeless in its shapes, elements, and textures. House is a fortified sanctuary for the cold climate and the sunny days, a stargazer for the northern lights.




Photography with courtesy of Studio Neba

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