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The Line Animation Honors The Classic Anime Fight

IZZO follows a masked hero as he fights several demons with his ultra-sharp sword on his way to the peak of a Japanese city.

He’s Fast, Agile, and Sharp; qualities that echo the key attributes of IZZO, the brand new trail bike released by YT Industries. Directed by Wesley Louis and Alvise Zennaro. Together they handpicked a small but elite pack of artists to make characters swoop, cut, and splatter across your screens like a Japanese ink brush.

Our intent was to honor the classic anime fight sequence but bring something new and unexpected to the table. The collaborative spirit of everyone at SHIFT Active Media and YT allowed us to create something really unique. With the combined effort of our in-house team, as well as friends from outside The Line, we managed to craft something that we’re immensely proud of. 







Directors Wesley Louis Alvise Zennaro

Executive Producer James Duveen Sam Taylor

Producer Samia Ahmed

Art Director Bjorn-Erik Aschim

Storyboards & Animatic Alvise Zennaro

Additional Storyboards Wesley Louis

Character Designs Wesley Louis

Layout Kevin Roualland

Animation Amanda Holm Alvise Zennaro Wesley Louis Mehdi Aouichaoui Diego Porral

FX Animation Alvise Zennaro Wesley Louis Art Design Kevin Roualland

Backgrounds Kevin Roualland Igor Piwowarczyk

Cleanup Eleonora Quario Wesley Louis Alvise Zennaro Amanda Holm

Colour Amix Compositing Victoria Jardine

Edit & Comp Assistant Skye Van Der Walt

Colour Grading Bjorn-Erik Aschim

Studio Manager Sophie Bhutta

Studio Runner Laurence Moss

VO Artist Togo Igawa

Audio & Music Box of Toys Audio


Markus Flossmann – Founder & CEO

Andreas John – Creative Director

Elmar Keineke – Global Marketing Director

SHIFT Active Media Agency

Matt Doman – Executive Creative Director

James Dando – Business Director

Emmalou Johnson – Executive Producer

Matt Skinner – Editorial Director

Tom Bowes – Assistant Producer

All images with courtesy of The Line Animation


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