Wunschhaus-AT And TABARQ Envision The Desire House


A perfect blend of Alpine architecture and Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.

This extraordinary piece was commissioned by the famous Austrian journalist Desirée Treichl-Stürgkh, here some rough sketches on the design process. “Desiree wanted to have a very organic home with a lot of light and timber. The house should be modern minimalistic but in a cozy way. Art also plays an important role in her life. Thus we made a wooden interior while designing a very organically shaped house with metal cladding, that can resist the rough alpine climate. Thus we took on her desire for art in the exterior and we also created a “wall of masters” for her painting collection in the interior. The view of the alps and the mountain lake plays also a central element in the orientation of the pool area and the living spaces”


“Put simply, architecture is the aesthetic examination of built space – a creative process that ends in three possible reactions: yes, no, and wow!” – Wunschhaus-AT. TABARQ is promoted by Pablo Tabarez and Gustavo Tabarez, brother architects specialized in Architectural Visualizations & 3D Rendering, Featured in Archviz portals such as VWARTCLUB, Behance, Corona Renderer, Sketchup Texture Club, among others. From Buenos Aires, they collaborate with local and international companies, providing a service that focuses on high quality and realistic interpretation of projects in the fields of design, architecture, interiors, and real estate development. TABARQ’s emphasis is on 3D solutions with architectural renderings loyal to the final result of the project, with styles that communicate a story, making an emotional impact on the spectator and therefore, generate value.





Photography with courtesy of Wunschhaus-AT And TABARQ



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