Arice Contemplates The Challenges Of Creative Process

This film created for OffsetDublin19 is a celebration of the creative – the creative mind and the place a creative inhabits.

Thematically, the scarecrow is a symbol of creativity, all at once setting itself apart yet having a reason to be there. All creatives experience fear, yet this is not a film about fear. It’s about the fear people have to express themselves. It’s about being misunderstood. It’s about not quite finding in. It’s about conflict, contradiction, challenge. You have to be different, yet the same, you have to be at the centre yet on the outside, you have to be macro and micro – yet creatives have the power, the capacity to imprint, observe, comment, shape, influence and inspire in so many ways.


Directed by Arice, a creative who’s work has created ripples in the fashion world (Vogue, Etro, Milan Fashion Week) the film is a testament to the perfect open brief. Arice’s small but impressively talented team included CG artists Chris McLoughlin and Manus Goan and composers Damian Molony and Simon Bird. Sound and vision worked side by side in the same studio space, a collaborative approach that allowed for an ongoing conversation between the visual and audio team, and encouraged an environment where musical and visual ideas could influence each other as the project developed.







Director / CG Artist

CG Artist & Motion Design
Chris McLoughlin
Manus Goan

Number 4

Music & Sound Design
Damian Molony
Simon Bird

Mathilde Bosquillon de Jenlis (violinist)
Gabrielė Dikčiūtė (cellist)
Rachael Lavelle (vocalist)

Studio Windmill Create

All images with courtesy of Arice

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