Air Purifier Clair-K Proposes A Different Design Paradigm


This is an Air Purifier designed by BOUD for CLAIR.

Clair-K presents a new design direction to the air purifier market. First, as a complex unit with a sense of unity of air intake structure and outlet structure with a unique pattern, it is designed to maximize airflow performance. And the product used CEPA (Clair’s Embossed HEPA) filter. This CEPA filter-based product performs an increase of 10% higher than using the other typical HEPA based products. Secondly, It is an efficient structure designed to be manufactured with minimal parts. The vertical structure of the body with top and bottom only two molds were used to reduce the production cost. The vertical pattern applied to softly curved surfaces proposes a differentiated design paradigm to the air purifier market of generalized designs.


Lastly, Clair-K breaks the border between living and arts in showing an object design that matches the interior trend. Clair-K is a product of excellent design solutions by structurally solving the limited conditions of low and middle price products. – BOUD provides consulting on brand, product, and space design based on customer experience design. And so far, it has proven its design competitiveness by winning a series of awards at the Global Design Awards. Based on the three design philosophies of ‘easy, clear and wit’, BOUD has been working on about 27 global product designs and about 10 brand design projects.





Product name: Clair-K

Attributes: Air purifier

Chief Design Officer: Kee-tae Kim

Designer: Sung-moo Choi

CEO: Jimmy Sung-ho Park

Company: Clair Inc.

All images with courtesy of BOUD

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