Daniel Chua Designs Distortion-Free Face Shield


F/05 is a face shield design concept that protects the user from sudden spilt of contagious bodily fluid.

It provides the user with additional protection on top of the surgical face mask, allowing them to stay safe during this pandemic. Studies showed that the Convid19 virus spread mostly through droplets that were expelled from an infected person from sneezing and talking. Unlike the surgical masks that protect the nose and mouth, F/05 face shield protects the user from the virus by covering these potential infection areas including the eyes and also prevent the user from touching their face or inadvertently exposing themselves to the Convid19 virus.


F/05 face shield comes with an optically clear visor that provides distortion-free vision. It also helps in blocking droplets from sneezing or talking. It greatly reduces the transmission of the infection between the user and the general public. The face shields can be easily disassembled for cleaning and resterilizing. The user can simply remove the visor popping out from the headband and wipe down with alcohol wipe or rinse with soap and hot water. Designed for different users, It comes with an adjustable strap for head different sizes; providing additional comfort especially prolong wearing it.







All images with courtesy of Daniel Chua


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