“Bend Reality” Depicts A Path Of Constant Improvement

BEND REALITY is a non-commercial animation short film created by the whole team of Drasik Studio with the goal of working on a personal project that allows us to try new things without the constraints of commercial productions.

This project is about the way we see our work and life: a never-ending road of steady improvement in a constantly changing world that evolves thanks to the creativity and expertise. No matter how many challenges you overcome or how many goals you achieve, there will always be a major achievement waiting for you. We wanted to tell a story that truly represents the essence of the studio, a story based on our values: just keep going, just keep learning, fall and get up, work your way, get what you were chasing and start over again.


And the diamond is the representation of our most desirable goals. Our main and only character was inspired by the company logo. The bear is our symbol and we love to play with it. But this time we wanted to make it more human, so we ended up creating a mix of a man with a street attire and a bear. Using 2D and frame-by-frame animation, our main character goes from darker to brighter scenarios created by four different artists until he reaches his goal, a diamond.






Idea and storytelling: Drasik Studio

Production (Illustration and animation): Drasik Studio

Sound postproduction: Drasik Studio

Drasik Studio team

Drasik (creative director)

Monica Ferri (executive production)

Paula Sánchez (illustration)

Diego Ferrero (illustration and animation)

Jaume Mestre (illustration, animation, composition, sound design)

Eric Closas (illustration and animation)

Victoria González (creativity)

Arantxa Álvarez (graphic design)

All images with courtesy of Drasik Studio


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