The Creative Duo Of Studio MUE Craft Visions For The Dreamer

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Derived from a partnership between Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kim, MUE Studio procures specialized imagery to aid in the art of expression.

MUE Studio operates from combined expertise in photography, 3D animation design, and direction in art. With all these different disciplines coming together, they are able to accomplish the deeply imaginative, and even the impossible. The principles and philosophy behind their sophisticated projects are quite perceptive, an innovatory kind of energy powering their brand of work. The creative pair find the beauty in subtle manipulation to bring to light a new kind of beauty to the images they present. It is a marvelously intelligent feat as it is a gorgeous one. Extending beyond what is entirely familiar, they beautifully execute endeavors into the surreal while still alluding to semblance of reality.

MUE Studio demonstrates a dynamite application of architecture and capturing it to exude their glowing ideas. Open spaces with alluring frames, a single cloud floats nearby, shadowed arches, water to reflect and seemingly expand the space further into forever. The dream state is supremely elevated in the poignant and emotive scenery the twosome create. It is inspiring to see such imaginations collide into a very contemporary mood, paying particular attention to the use of color to paint their visualizations in. MUE Studio has the capacity to move audiences across the world through various approaches including campaigns and installations. Their aesthetic finds a way to go beyond the wear of time and make a mightily everlasting impression that leaves viewers wanting more. 

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All images with courtesy of MUE Studio

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