Hotel Siem Reap Infuses A New Dimension To The Hospitality Typology


Siem Reap in Cambodia is not only famous for Angkor Wat but also its traditional home-made rice wine.

Located at the village next to a paddy field, the boutique hotel overlooks Angkor Wat. The design of the boutique hotel superimposes the local Cambodian living culture with the rice wine making cylinder spaces and processes. The site was originally a colonial-era Cambodian-style police station and a rice godown in Khmer Rouge Period. Based on the shapes of the local brewing kits and the warehouse, we juxtaposed a number of cylindrical buildings and spaces which are meticulously connected. Each circular space houses a unique function, and the elaborate layout allows residents to meander through one space after another, enriching the accommodation experience. Not unlike the seminal galleries of Angkor Wat, we experimented to recreate an intriguing interplay of light and shadow, infusing a new dimension to the hospitality typology.


There is an observation deck on the rooftop that overlooks Angkor Wat and for guests to relax. The bamboo gate can be opened, transforming the ground floor kitchen into a community kitchen and dining room. This is a hotel and a mini-museum. Utilizing modern architectural design methodologies, we blend the past, present, and future through imagination, material, and motif. This is a hotel and a mini-museum that intends to bring social awareness to the multifaceted culture of Cambodia. The building celebrates the lesser-known history of winemaking and rice production in Angkor Wat, adding a unique experience to hospitality. We blend the past, present, and future through motif, material, and imagination. Throughout their stay, residents immerse themselves in a contemporary Cambodian lifestyle, whilst remembering the antiquities of tradition.






Project Name: Hotel Siem Reap

Architecture Firm: Orient Occident Atelier

Firm Location: Hong Kong

Gross Built Area: 375 square meters

Project Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Design Principal: Kenrick Wong, Magic Kwan

Design Team

Kenrick Wong, Magic Kwan, Obed Cheung, Jasmine So, Yen Poon, Fionne Chan, Louis Shing, Helen Kwan, Chloe Lui

Photography by with courtesy of Orient Occident Atelier

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