Richard Lord Stacks The Creatures In “Our Pleasures”

OUR PLEASURES is a music video based around syncopation, sensuality, and lushness.

The visuals and story were designed after seeing a photograph of a tick on a tick’s back. They were both very spherical with these tiny, expressive legs. It was quite endearing. Neither seemed to mind the presence of the other, and I didn’t see any reason the relationship was antagonistic. So I imagined how many ticks could climb on before the mood was killed. And it turns out that you can stack lots of ticks on top of each other, and it remains a good time.


The music was deep, beautiful, and sensual. The creatures needed a lush, fleshy texture, using heavy Sub Surface Scattering in the render. The long zoom let me stack even more creatures on top of each other, but also let me escape gravity. It created some unexpected complexity and a fractal look, which mirrored the endless repetition of the stack. The creature design was kept simple to match the photo inspiration. Each creature is a perfect sphere with a number of tentacles and eyes. Each part procedurally created, then stuck together by a random algorithm. The pumping of the bodies matches the rhythm of the music, and all the creatures are in sync like fireflies.






Director/All Visuals – Richard Lord

Music – Plus Device, Our Pleasures

All images with courtesy of Richard Lord


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