Slee & Co Architects Presents The Game Lodge Of Namibia


“The philosophy behind our design is to incorporate and respect the diverse aspirations and heritages of our clients.”

“Our intent is to learn from advanced technologies and to create a vernacular architecture, embracing our unique people, skills, climate and space. Our architectural palette has its origin in the earth – muted earth colours, textured finishes reflecting abundant sunlight. Our built structures reflect simplicity and honesty, echoing the vernacular of local built forms.”

A farm gate set in a red earth wall introduces the visitor to the unique character of this game farm.  From the entrance, a red dust road lingers through a Savannah grass veld scattered with thorn trees.  Upon approach, the lodge slowly emerges out of the spectacular red earth, a solid mass with deep shadows and simple lines blending into the surroundings;  a low slung linear structure offering shelter against the harsh Namibian environment.


The red sand from the farm is mixed into the cementitious plaster which renders all walls the same color as the surrounding earth.  The horizontal textures are raked onto the walls which create shadow play and draw the eye into the vastness of the landscape. A cantilevered roof folds over a spinal wall that protects and frames the oversized veranda, allowing for unobstructed views.  The elements and palate of this lodge are simple: corrugated roof sheeting, natural red sand colored plastered walls, cement floors, and expansive glass doors that disappear into the walls when opened up, eliminating the boundaries between the outdoors and the interior spaces. 







Architect/designer of building

Johann Slee of Slee & Co. Architects, Stellenbosch

Project Architect

Yvonne Onderweegs of Slee & Co. Architects

Builder:  Baucon Construction from Windhoek, Namibia

Engineer:  Balt Beyers of DG Consulting Engineers, Pretoria

Photography by Gerard Slee, Johann Slee & Carla Schnetler

with courtesy of Slee & Co Architects

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