“Daisies” Speak About The Obstacles Upon A Path Of Change

Daisies is a music video created for the latest single from Katy Perry.

It tells the story of a character in her house, that adjust and reconfigure her life in a surreal way, around the coming and growing rock into her environment. The rock represents the obstacles that are placed onto her path, and that challenges the character to becomes who she really wants to be. As the rock grow, it influences the surrounding of the character to a point where she has barely enough space to move. It’s only once she decides to take action against it that her whole world breaks apart until she ultimately rises above it all to become the person she wants to be.


The story of the character and its resilience facing the burden of the rock has some similarities with the myth of Sisyphus, rolling the rock up the mountain, over and over again. Only in our story, the character eventually manages to push the rock away until it breaks in hundreds of daisies petals. There’s a nod to Sisyphus myth that’s hidden inside the pages of the different scenes involving a book. From the scene where the rock gets in the house, floating right above the book, to the one where the character is standing in front of a big book, you can see Sisyphus rolling the rock higher up.









Music: Katy Perry – Daisies

Directors: Vallée Duhamel

Label: Capitol Records

Executive Producer: Sara Nix – Partizan

Producer: Brian Covalt

Animated: 2Veinte

Additional animation: Moving Colour

Set design: SixnFive

All images with courtesy of Vallée Duhamel


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