Peter Chou’s XRSPACE Offers The World’s First Social Reality Platform In 5G XR

XRSPACE, the company pioneering the next generation of social reality, has announced the launch of the world’s first social VR platform designed for mass-market users, combined with the first 5G mobile VR headset, delivering on the promise of a true social VR experience for all.

XRSPACE aims to create the social reality of the future – a world where people can interact both physically and virtually in a way that is contextual, familiar, immersive, interactive, and personal. At a time when face-to-face interaction is restricted due to social distancing measures, XRSPACE is aiming to bring people together in a virtual world that is powered by cutting edge XR, AI, and computer vision technology, creating a new experience through 5G which is meaningful, anytime, anywhere.


Smaller, lighter and more stylish compared to other VR devices, the XRSPACE MANOVA headset is the first 5G consumer mobile VR headset, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile XR Platform, and fully portable anywhere with 5G, LTE, or WiFi connection. Requiring no additional controllers to navigate the virtual world, the XRSPACE MANOVA headset can be operated through the simple use of hand motions and gestures, allowing for intuitive experiences unseen before in mass-market VR.

Aiming to offer an experience much more than a simple app store, XRSPACE MANOVA world is a social reality platform designed to bring people together beyond limits of space and time. Embodying stylized and lifelike full-body avatars resembling each user’s personal features, users can socialize, work, and play in various private and public spaces. From their very own virtual home, personal cinemas, to dedicated areas created by telecom partners and third-party content providers, everyone can freely immerse in everyday spaces that are delightfully interactive and personal.


Foremost among these spaces is MagicLOHAS, a combination of unique experiences promoting healthy and active lifestyles through VR. One can simply hang out with friends in relaxing landscapes, or exercise – walking, biking, dancing, doing yoga, patented Magic Tai-Chi sessions in immersive environments of naturally meditative ambiances. Together with a diverse team of sports, yoga, dancing, music, meditation, health, and therapy experts, XRSPACE MANOVA provides a fun and interactive content designed to enhance everyday wellness.

Using a sophisticated set of optical sensors paired with proprietary scanning technology, the XRSPACE MANOVA headset device can not only translate hand gestures into virtual world interactions but also utilized in groundbreaking space scanning applications to seamlessly recreate real physical locations inside VR. With real estate partners such as YC House in Taiwan, VR house-viewing experiences can be rolled-out in scale with the form of actual VR scenes. Users will be able to freely navigate every corner and angle without predefined pathways, pushing beyond the usual limitations of 360 photos and videos.


XRSPACE developer kits, SDKs, and developer support will be readily provided starting today. Interested developers can visit the XRSPACE official website and register for a kit as a first step in joining the XRSPACE ecosystem. The full XRSPACE product package includes XRSPACE MANOVA headset, a VR headset powered by Snapdragon 845, and a unique virtual world, XRSPACE MANOVA world, filled with innovative content from social, education, gaming, wellness and entertainment sectors provided by XRSPACE partners.








XRSPACE global launch will be carried out in collaboration with:

Qualcomm Technologies, Deutsche Telekom, and Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom

Go-to-market rollout:

Taiwan, Europe, the United States, and China

All images with courtesy of XRSPACE

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