The Air Home By Yakusha Design Provides A Privacy And Functional Flow


YD / Yakusha Design is a multidisciplinary live design studio founded by architect and designer Victoria Yakusha in 2006 – Kyiv, Ukraine.

The idea behind this minimalistic cliff cabin is to create a feeling of weightlessness of the architecture overlooking the ocean. A 270- degree glass structure is nestled into the rock and stands a bit in front of the cliff, provoking the sense of “impossible architecture”. However, the building, which is set on the vertical pillar and secured with the foundation made of recycled concrete, is absolutely equilibrated. The central pillar takes up small internal space and, at the same time, includes most engineering and communications, maximizing the view over the Atlantic Ocean.


Privacy is achieved by an integrated system of window blinds around the perimeter. Minimalist open-concept interior of a 48 sq. m. The cabin includes only essential furniture. The warm beige theme provides homely vibes and coziness independently of the weather and “mood” of the ocean outside. Functional zones – living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom – invisibly flow from one to another. Stylistically, there is a combination of modern style with geometrical shapes and live primitive design: straight lines, rounded forms of sofas, round lamps, straw panels as the surface of the wall, roughly processed logs, ceramic decor, low dining chairs. All the furniture is down to earth to avoid overlapping the dramatic view. The bathroom privacy preserved by the usage of a special glass with transparency adjustment. “This project was developed as a holiday home for a surfer, who is no stranger to a confrontation with powerful elements of nature – the air. As an archetype of this cabin, we took an ancient lighthouse, standing unwaveringly at the very edge of the earth and indicating a safe passage for ships” – Victoria Yakusha











Project name – The Air

Year – 2020 / not completed

Area: 48 sq. m. Location – Portugal, The Atlantic coastline

Architects – Victoria Yakusha, Serhiy Chornousov

Photography by Serhiy Chornousov with courtesy of Yakusha Design

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