Andrew Cadima Heartily Paints The Language Of Human Expression

Andrew Cadima-Visual Atelier 8-Art-1.jpg

Andrew Cadima swishes and sweeps a language of vigor into his recondite oil paintings.

Notably, his portraits are of special decadence. The faces of the subjects appear to be illuminated by some central, spectral light that casts a very fascinating angle of introspection. Vis-à-vis, Cadima levels this point of view that seems to speak something, without words and entirely through expression. The oil painter captures the minute facial positioning in a way that is realistic, as if looking at a mirror slightly softened by a layer of fog. Cadima is an expert in the art of tasteful distortion of this realism, of the traditional structure. The portraits can often splice into various facial configurations, or even mirroring the same layer over and over again. There is an alluring disquietude to the way Cadima creates and it is captivating to see how each painting is bent to his innovative.


Aside from portraiture, the artist also paints objects like spoons, pizza slices, bananas, eggs, and even integrating marble for eyes with a portrait of a woman donning a curious smile. It is undeniable to see just how enlivened Cadima’s body of work is, he is well versed in the subtleties of expression and still life. Quite frankly, there is so much that can be appreciated from the forces that exist between the hands and mind of Andrew Cadima, so much more to be expected in his many upcoming works in the near future.






All images with courtesy of Andrew Cadima

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