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A-F3 Treehouse By Antony Gibbon Invites To Travel The Time


Hidden in misty forests, the architecture of Antony Gibbon appears to be fragmented and ancient artifacts of a highly developed civilization we do not know yet much about.

Magnetically attractive to the curious observer, A-F3 Treehouse invites to explore and experience the forest from beyond yet from within. Overlooking the sea of treetops and the landscape of infinity it builds the awareness of ongoing change we are missing from the earthly perspectives outside of A-F3. The interior of the treehouse turns our focus inward, to deep contemplation and introspection inviting to the process of self-realization. A sense of a floating vehicle yet frozen in space still journies through the time of environmental changes.






With a bedroom located on a separate floor treehouse has a kitchen, bath/shower room, and lounge area.

Available in various exterior cladding finishes and a range of options available for the window/door openings to suit the location.

Photography with courtesy of Antony Gibbon Design


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