“All Rise” By Brian Williams Focuses On The Local Communities

This job made me homesick but very happy.

“A new national campaign in Ireland to help drive the renewal of local communities and to reinvigorate local enterprise and economic recovery amid the Covid-19 crisis. Champion Green aims to encourage the public to shop locally to help businesses in the community bounce back from the impact of the coronavirus”.


I worked on style frames based on the initial storyboard and the client loved what they saw. They took a big leap of faith as I pretty much went straight into production to meet the deadline without seeing what I had planned for the entire film. They were extremely trusting and understanding with their feedback. In the end, this is often what makes great client/agency/director collaborations, trust.






Director / Animation: Brian Williams
Agency: The Brill Building
Client: Kilkenny Design
Concept: Roisin Keown & Dan Henson
ECD: Roisin Keown
Creative Director & Art Direction Lead: Dan Henson
CU wing Animation: Ntropic
Editor: David Blake
Sound: Locky Butler
Original Music: Christy Leech
Clocking: The Element
Photographer: Eoin Holland
Retoucher Photography: Michael Medvedi

All images with courtesy of Brian Williams


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