Carl Addy Delivers The “Next Feel” Visual Associations Stream

This was originally meant to be a live-action film with game-play cutaways.

A more intimate narration to the camera in fans voices. The advent of Covid-19 shelved this approach.  Rather than start over we adapted the spoken narration into a connected visual edit utilizing previously shot footage I previously had directed, alongside archival imagery, hand-illustrated and animated sequences, 3D and concept matte painted environments comped with live-action and even home studio shot footage, in fact, there is a shot in there that features some footage I shot in the Gobi desert in December 2019.  The film took the form of a stream of consciousness visual association, a multimedia assault all seamlessly transitioning and match cutting together. Juxtaposed against the narration it feels like we witness the fan’s inner visions that punctuate their game-play experiences. This kind of  visual shorthand is my favorite kind of maximalist eye abuse.  










Director: Carl Addy

Production: Mill+

Executive Producer: Josh Davies

Producer: Nicole Duncan

Producer: Elizabeth Wafer 

Production Coordinator: Alfie Johnson

Production Coordinator: Theodore Hanifan

Editor: Johnny Rayner 

VFX Creative: The Mill

Creative Director: Tom Dibb

Art Director:  Henry Foreman 

2D Lead Artist: Carl Norton Joseph Tang

3D Lead Artist: David Hempstead 


James Dawe

Nicholas Canticus

Paul Bloomfield

Sam Singleton

Colour: The Mill


Thomas Mangham

2D Artist

Aravind Mani

Ed Poulson 

Laique Quraishi

Maheshwaran Chandrasekaran

Matt McDougal

Nehal Desai

Rahul Bhardwaj

Rahul Roy

Samarendra Lenka

Srilakshmi Narasimha Kondepi

3D Artist

Ben Turner 

Oliver Hallas

Patrick Keogh

Tony Atherton

Finish Artist

James Pratt

Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan

Animation: Kieran Russell

Colour Assist

Rory Leighton

Megan Lee

Daniel Levy

All images with courtesy of Carl Addy


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