Casa Ojalà Inhabits The Off-Grid Locations


Casa Ojalá is a small, 27 square meter house with more than 1,000 interior configurations working in synchrony without ever changing the original structure and shape.

It is designed to give guests a distinct and exclusive experience: control over their environment while deeply immersed in their surroundings. Casa Ojalá has two bedrooms (one double and one single bed), a bathroom, a rooftop terrace, and a living space, all of which can – in fact – be continuously transformed into one another. A bedroom becomes a living room, the living room becomes an extension of the bathroom, the house becomes an outdoor platform, etc. The flexibility of the space is made possible by a manual mechanical system composed of pulleys and cranks, that controls sliding walls (made in fabric and wood) and movable floor and ceiling panels. Built-in central furniture divided into seven slices provides essential functions (wardrobe, bedside tables, bookshelf, sink) and can be pulled out for use or hidden under the floor for storage.


Once assembled, as the house is controlled through its manual mechanical system, it does not need any external assistance. It includes a rainwater collection system and can be equipped with photovoltaic panels and systems for handling clean, gray, and black water for truly “off-grid” locations. It is best suited for mild climates but includes a bio-ethanol stove to knock off an evening chill. Beyond the day to day mutations – fully controlled by the guest – nearly all of the surfaces: metal, wood, and fabric are customizable for each individual Casa Ojalá to recall local traditions and motifs. These options, combined with a choice in environmentally sensitive and sustainable fixtures and furnishings, allow Casa Ojalá to perfectly assimilate with its intended destination, unique as its owner and location.





Photography with courtesy of Casa Ojalà

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