Erik Minter And The Emotion Of An Experience In Vibrant Colors 


Erik Minter is a New Jersey-based painter that uses bright and beautiful coloring to capture, in his own words, “the emotion of an experience, perhaps that I once had or dreamt.” 

Vibrancy is the main focus of Minter’s work, shown in multi-colored shapes placed across the canvas.  With a past career in commercial design, he naturally played with the expression of digital painting. His most recent paintings vary from the use of spray paint and acrylic. Minter sometimes incorporates texture into his paintings as well, yet primarily holds onto canvas paintings that are meant to be interpreted by the beholder. The images he creates are complex and sometimes ambiguous, however, there are often times where the image is easily recognizable. These recognizable images of the human form holding an umbrella or standing at an almost upside-down angle still leave room for reflection. He uses gray gradients as the background of his images and sometimes plays with bright hues as well. 


Minter notes that his work is meant to play with the idea of gravity, light, and speed and makes him think about his own physical limits, which can be interpreted in the different paintings that he produces. He expresses this thought process in the elongated 3-D looking shapes that he paints that move throughout the painting. These shapes are intentional in their directions and meaning, bringing more contemplation when looking at his work. Minter’s work was most recently featured in London, United Kingdom in the 2020 exhibition “Boundless Boundaries” at StolenSpace Gallery. He has been featured in many different exhibitions and galleries around Europe.




All images with courtesy of Erik Minter


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