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Friedrich Kunath Paints And Sculpts Magnificent Sights


German artist Friedrich Kunath ventures in visuals that are uniquely his own.

The painter and sculptor works in a style that expands on ubiquitous ideas and concepts. This includes relationships, loneliness, loss, and love. His eye for the surreal transports viewers in a colorful dream, where you can’t tell if you’re looking at a sunrise or sunset, where viewers become rapt in this gorgeous ambiguity. The scapes he brings together with his paint strokes are enough to entangle a mind in its abstractions. There is something about each work that is constant, an ongoing contemplation into the depths of the human experience and emotion.


With a selection of his painted works, he lays a sentence or an arrangement of a word to accompany to scenery he brings to life. Such a statement embedded in the imagery leads the viewer to consider a suggestion or mood, to search further. It is undeniable that Kunath’s work is far from simple, it exists to embody a complexity that is innate to this experience in society. Among his sculptural work, one can also find just how wide his creative range goes. A match with a shadow of its burnt form. A birdhouse with an exorbitantly lengthy ladder leading to its entrance. His design is impeccable and each carries its own individual identity, all of which stem from his own approach to visual art. Friedrich Kunath continues to excel in his craft, with an upcoming showing in August occurring in Berlin, demonstrating how his art is appreciated across many borders.


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