Lars Buro’s Villa Radii Evokes Timeless Symmetries


Perched on a half-acre site overlooking the ocean, Villa Radii was designed to simultaneously evoke timeless symmetries and forms, while feeling emphatically modern in its composition.

Once open, the gates reveal a central driveway that foreshadows a classical axiality to the landscape and 8,400 ft2 home. As the Villa’s name implies, its radial layout creates a roundabout around the glazed cylindrical facade, atop which sits its material and conceptual opposite: a concrete block. Instead of parking upfront, the driveway takes you around the home, slowly revealing behind its curve and framing with its structure the feature ocean view. And so the drive-in becomes part of the home’s (quite literal) circulation. 

On the ground floor, the public and communal functions of the home enjoy panoramic views of the property thanks to floor-to-ceiling curved windows, bringing the exterior inside, while the concrete perimeter walls preserve full privacy. A pivoting wall further exteriorizes the home by connecting the dining room to a contemplative central courtyard that inverts Villa Radii’s stacked outer forms: round above and the square below. 


Seemingly floating, the Villa’s upper body contrasts with the ground floor not only in form, but in the program, as it contains the home’s most private quarters: 5 bedrooms, parlors, and the gallery hosting artwork whose integrity disagrees with direct sunlight. The concrete walls not only safeguard this privacy but also perform structurally to enable the cantilevering effects below. A continuous strip window spans the length of each bay, while skylights unique to each of the rooms ensure complementary sunlight. In contrast, the master bedroom takes a protagonistic approach by opening to the ocean view with floor-to-ceiling glazing that extends from the bed to the bathroom, overlooking the outdoor terrace and 1,000 ft2 infinity pool.







Photography with courtesy of Lars Buro

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