Lorenzo Quinn Tells The Message Of Love Through Giant Human Hands

Lorenzo Quinn, famously known for his giant hand sculptures, creates art that he wants to, ultimately, spread love.

He notes in much of the work that he focuses on hands due to their universal language. In light of the historical events happening in the world, he advocates through his art to encourage people during their time at home due to the pandemic. He continues to create by using virtual models through video chat to create life-like sculptures. Not only this, but Quinn has used his large hands, one white and one black to speak up about the Black Lives Matter Movement. 


While Quinn’s primary outlet is the sculptures of the human hands, he also focuses greatly on grand human sculptures. These sculptures range in shape and color, yet their sizing is always on a larger scale. He plays around with different materials such as stainless steel, bronze, and expanded polystyrene.  Quinn’s work has been featured in Venice Biennale in 2017, referring to this work as Support that features his giant hand sculptures, holding the building that contains the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel.


Quinn’s work stands out due to how large they are in scale, yet he takes attention to detail in every aspect. He sculpts the fingernails, wrinkles in the skin, and shadowing to make a more lifelike image. It is sculpture such as this that inspire and create deeper meaning behind each of the things that he creates. His work primarily focuses on philanthropy projects that emulate his heart and mind and this message has been spread all over the world. Lorenzo Quinn’s artwork can be found in England, India, Italy, China, and the United States. 




All images with courtesy of Lorenzo Quinn


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