Plum Delivers The Wireless Smartphone Charger


Plum is the next-gen wireless charger for smartphones that support the Qi power transfer standard.

Aside from sleek design and seamless charging experience, Plum has an NFC tag built-in. Imagine setting up an alarm, turning on Do Not Disturb mode on your phone, and switching lights off when going to bed without a single touch of a button… Plum helps you achieve just that. Now, you can just drop your phone onto Plum that sits nicely on your nightstand, and it will take care of everything else automatically. 


Plum Team

Bohdan Kit is a seasoned product manager that has worked both in startups and big tech. Having a knack for product development, he launched multiple hardware & software products with $1M+ ARR.

Sergei Shcherbakov is a technical mind behind Plum. His vast experience in hardware development and manufacturing has helped numerous companies bring their products to market in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Sergei’s magnum opus so far is iBlazr, a smartphone flashlight that was sold in Apple retail stores and generated millions in revenue.

Evgenija Medvedeva is a Red Dot winning industrial designer with experience across various industries. She has multiple successful products under her belt (meredot, Nuka, Atom, etc.)





Bohdan Kit, Co-founder

Sergei Shcherbakov, Co-founder

Evgenija Medvedeva, Industrial Designer

All images with courtesy of PLUM

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