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Alex Gold Imagines Delicate And Peaceful Works Of Digital Art 


Alex Gold, a California based digital artist, pleases the eye with her beautiful illustrations.

Gold’s style is based on her intricate and attentiveness to detail when beginning her beautiful creations. Her art goes beyond portraiture and plays around with different items that inspire her – such as her favorite cocktails or her appreciation for Mother Earth. Gold draws simplistic images as well, such as some that display the silhouette of the home. She adds to this image with the comforting detail of smoke coming from the chimney, commenting that she imagines “its dwellers are sipping cocoa by the fire.”


It is in these varieties of drawings that create a sense of home and peace within the person viewing it. She satisfies these images with her use of neutral and calming colors that she adds to her illustrations. Gold’s simplistic lines and shapes create a delicate look that still maintains an overall brand image. Gold’s work, however delicate and calm it may appear, still plays with a variety of different and fun concepts. Gold often draws and imagines illustrations of women, all with different personalities.

These personalities are bold and can be easily distinguished by the detailing of their faces and expressions. She focuses on a plethora of ideas to create these beautiful and quirky characters that come directly from her mind. Gold continues to push the envelope by developing her digital images and printing and tracing them onto the wood. Her amazing style of work inspires anyone who views it, as she continuously creates beautiful pieces of personal art.







Images with courtesy of Alex Gold


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