The Expressive Bodily Ceramics Crafted At The Hands Of Jamie Bates Slone


The Oklahoman sculptor, Jamie Bates Slone, works magic between her hands by crafting aspects of the human body in remarkable ceramic wares.

As noted in her bio on her website, her ingenuity flows to approach the vulnerabilities of being human in the complex meshes of physical and mental illness. This makes her ceramic masterpieces pulse with imbued meaning and importance, accessing a deep part of the mind and soul of anyone who engages with Slone’s body of work. Her art ranges from bowls bearing the various expressions of an activated mouth, earrings that are crafted in their namesake, and pendants of posed hands with two fingers dipped in gold called “Self Love.” Slone sculpts perspectives of the body in all of its different operations, driven by will and emotion.


From ears to eyes to breasts, she shares her raw introspection of the human body and the varying manifestations that exist. Slone is dedicated to creating her stunning ceramic jewels with such precision and accuracy, resulting in very realistic depictions of bodily features as if they were pressed onto the clay itself. Such a fine grasp and skill is laudable, embodying the talent to replicate the most visceral parts of the body with a distinct level of detail. The ceramic sculptures are a cerebral reflection of the cores of people, entirely universal and resonant. Jamie Bates Slone creates and captures the beauty of the body, taking great care to elevate the frailty of it all in a compassionate light.



Jamie Bates Slone-Visual Atelier 8- Art-1.jpg


Images with courtesy of Jamie Bates Slone

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