Kajsa Melchior Contemplates The Infulence Of Natural Forces


Kajsa Melchior is an independent designer and sculptor based in Stockholm. Her work has a design critical approach and investigates in the borderland between furniture and sculpture, facts, and fiction.

I see my work as hybrids between furniture and sculptures. I want them to be used as furniture, but at the same time, I don’t want the expectations from furniture to limit the form too much. Geology and erosion are great inspirations for my work. The objects in my new collection are made from sand, exposed by various forces. Natural forces such as wind and water-or both, but also pressure caused by my own body. Each sculpture is originally formed in the sand before it is developed by Alabaster.


This process makes every original unique and the sand leaves texture onto the Alabaster which together creates a rare stone-like material. By working with this technique, I find an interesting balance between chance and control. In order to regulate the shapes, I need to listen to, and to understand the sand’s physical properties as well as the water’s, wind’s, and the forms and movement from my own body.


I find this exchange between me and the material meaningful in order to increase knowledge about cause and effect, a topic I find relevant for the growing conversation of global changes caused by our constantly increasing consumption habits. The topic of chance and control, together with the ambiguous expression in the final sculptures is a result of my interest in nature and it’s amazing eternally ongoing processes. With my work, I wish to spread curiosity for the globe. The globe as the engine we live from and with an advantage should know more about.






Photography by Wavy.se with courtesy of Kajsa Melchior


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