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Swiss Artist Layana Dazzles With Bright Digital Portraits


Layana, a 20-year old illustrator and digital artist, dazzles the eye with brightly colored portraits.

Layana’s models are predominantly women, and in each of her pieces, she uses intricate detail to showcase the models’ unique features. Layana bases many of her pieces off of a model that sends in a photo requesting to be drawn specifically in her art style. With this work, she celebrates the beauty of women while also displaying her immaculate skills in capturing a mood with her use of coloring. While Layana has a flat colored technique, her art plays with vibrant and bubbly coloring, predominantly in beautiful shades of pinks and blues. 


Layana’s work teeters between photorealistic portraits, and sometimes she shows off her unique style of pop illustrations with a comic flare. While she often plays around with different colors, she consistently captures the unique style of each of her models’. She has noted before that her goal is ultimately to develop her style, which she believes is to create and draw what she finds beautiful.


Layana puts an emphasis on her models’ cheeks, often drawing a one shade of pink circle to draw attention to this part of the face. This added touch truly brings a uniqueness to her work. Layana draws with fine lines and defined shapes which allows the person viewing the piece to see her models’ figures that give the work a sense of reality, while the coloring and shading allows the piece to capture a whimsical essence.



Images with courtesy of Layana


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