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Miu Vermillion Digitizes A Fashion Forward Future With Lifelike CGI


The very talented Joyce of Miu Vermillion constructs digital images as a mixed media artist.

The virtual scenes she devises are revolutionary in style and modernistic. Viewing these CGI scenes require a keen eye to notice the distinct thought that goes into creating the spunky aesthetic. There is an impressive refinement to the digital imagery that they appear less like they came from a technological origin but could very well exist somewhere else in a very real world, a very futuristic one, perhaps many lightyears away on a curiously evolved planet. Viewers can see how the persons digitally illustrated appear with a light that is so natural, organic, and convincing that these beings exist somewhere among us.


Joyce bolsters the dazzling style of Miu Vermillion by giving audiences such iconic impressions that engrave a space for fanciful pondering for what exactly “future” means. The visual figures that come to life in these animated photos traverse familiar backdrops, which creates an intriguing contrast between the familiar and the unknown. This combination makes for extremely compelling imagery that captures the attention of countless viewers. Miu Vermillion has a fantastic sense of style as many of the digital babes are dressed to kill with looks that are so otherworldly and alluring. Joyce is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to concoct stellar works, even amidst a pandemic, when she finds even more inspiration to craft images that speak to the times.




Images with courtesy of Miu Vermillion


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