Vitkaninn Creates Vintage Comic Inspired Pieces of Art


Vitkaninn, a gifted digital artist, creates beautiful and inspired pieces of work.

After studying graphic design, she has actively been working to develop her current style and continues to learn how to paint digitally. She has noted that she gets much of her inspiration from vintage comic books, which is expressed beautifully in her use of texture and half-tones. Her vintage-inspired comic book aesthetic is seen in the different characters that she draws. These characters vary from being whimsical while still being terrifyingly beautiful. Vitkanninn’s portraiture focuses on men and women, often incorporating a variety of detailing into the piece that add an extra layer of creativity to her body of work. Her work presents a range of different mixtures of ideas that create an entire cohesive work of art.


In particular, she creates portraits that focus on human facial features while still weaving in different types of animals into the piece. A distinction that sets her work apart is her occasional replacement of a human head for the face of a rabbit or reptile, as she lovingly labels these pieces as an “identity crisis”. Simultaneously, she is still able to maintain the daintiness and intricate detailing to her work and plays with florals and the fashion that her muse is wearing. The textures that she uses make the beholder feel as though they could touch and feel the work. This detail shows Vitkaninn’s dazzling ability to create this texture with her talented digital hand. Vitkaninn’s body of work particularly plays with the color palette that she chooses. This color palette is calming while still giving off the sense of vibrancy, which she achieves with her use of cool orange, deep reds, shadowing, and bright blues. 




Images with courtesy of Vitkaninn

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