Andreea Dumuta Illustrates Fun And Spooky Digital Art


Andreea Dumuta, a Romanian illustrator, creates a body of work that focuses on a variety of fun and borderline gothic creations.

Dumuta plays around greatly with Procreate illustrations and embodies the world of digital art with her unique style. Her work dives into some dark scenes, giving some life to an interesting selection of objects. Andreea Dumuta primarily creates dark scenes, such as a rat next to a bottle of poison, a set of monster hands eating a slice of pineapple pizza, and multiple landscape images of a dark house with eerie silhouettes standing in the window. In many of these scenic drawings, she will often embolden the image with the use of red accents. The use of the red hue gives the work an overall sense of an underlying gothic theme.


It is Dumuta’s dark symbolism while still playing around with fun and everyday objects that make her work stand out amongst the rest. Her individual works are a playground of different ideas that culminate into one cohesive and eerie piece. Dumuta focuses heavily on the human eye and oftentimes hands as well, adding specific detailing to it that gives it a gothic feel. Often Dumuta’s work notably varies between who she uses as a muse, all of which are electrified with personality. Many of her muses are animals, each of which has a dark yet entrancing characteristic to them. However sinister they may appear, she creates an overall inviting masterpiece with the scene she displays around the creature or figure. Dumuta’s obscure and spooky art captivates an audience and continues to push the envelope into a different realm of the art world.





Images with courtesy of Andreea Dumuta


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