Ayala Serfaty’s Daura Echoes Natural Phenomena


RAPA” corresponds to the ancient tradition of felt making, striving to revive its spirit and energies in a contemporary context, echoing natural phenomena and transformations.

The choice of raw materials and processing methods is the starting point of all deliberations and in line with Ayala Serfaty’s perceptions of evolution and time. The connotation of the word RAPA in Hebrew suggests healing, a cultural attribute associated with felt. In RAPA Series, Ayala Serfaty’s intention is to find an adequate form for the felt she is making, a new and material-appropriate form, defined by the material itself. The design concepts result from the material used or rather its original quality. Treating the material “species-appropriate” hereby plays an important role, which in turn marks the works’ unique characteristics.





Description: RAPA series, sculptural seating

Materials: Metal, hand made felt

Photography by Elad Sarig with courtesy of Ayala Serfaty


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