Bethan Laura Wood’s CHAIN Interloops The First Sketches In Glass


Chain makes the first conversations between Venetian glass producers Wonderglass and British designer Bethan Laura Wood in bespoke cast glass.

Using existing rectangular donut brick moulds, Bethan interloops, interlocks and stacks these forms together to create furniture that comments on the architectural possibilities of glass. In these pieces yellow and clear glass are combined together, using the subtleties of tones that build up through the layering of colored glass to give a vibrating but delicate palate.


The interlocking or CHAIN construction is made by multiples of rectangular donut bricks, some cut into two parts, and threaded through the center of another. The curved and polished end details of the cut brick are a nod towards the painted ends found in many Japanese wooden temples Bethan photographed during her recent travels through East Asia, with the interlocking glass components themself referencing the amazing joinery techniques.






All images with courtesy of Bethan Laura Wood

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