A Shallow and Salty Ocean By Craig Barrow Enhances Daily Routine


Craig Barrow is a designer working in the areas of object and sculpture.

Seeing design as responses to the world’s curiosities and shared relationships, his body of work stems from material exploration and production processes, observations of human interaction with objects, and scientific and natural phenomena.


A set of porcelain carafe and shot cups concept over numerous visits to the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Gotland has a rich abundance of sedimentary rocks that were deposited some 440 million years ago during the Silurian age when a warm, shallow, salty ocean covered the area. These rocks now stand as unique and unusual ancient rock formations that scatter across the island’s land and shores. Not only producing a dramatic visual landscape, but the rock is also used extensively in the island’s building and infrastructure industry.


The collection A Shallow and Salty Ocean is a homage to the island’s geographical and industrial heritage. Moulds were taken from select fragments of limestone and cast in fine porcelain resulting in an ongoing series of vessels. The intricate stone texture and sharp, aggressive crystalline structure make drinking with these pieces a unique experience, being as much functional as they are sculptural.








White, white glaze | White, nebular glaze | Black, black glaze | Black, nebular glaze

Available through the designer’s website.

All images with courtesy of Craig Barrow


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