Dezest’s Pine Cove House Anchors Into The Relaxing Mindstate

During 2020, the whole world is not in the easiest conditions. Modern challenges have shown us that living outside the city is more comfortable and safer.

Even at a distance of several kilometers from the metropolis, the air becomes much cleaner, the atmosphere is calmer and wonderful places for relaxation and walking open up. We have created a new architectural project, minimizing damage to the environment. The volumes are arranged so as to integrate the cottage into the forest space as much as possible. We isolated the recreation area from the daytime area by dividing them with a glass gallery.


When you walk in the glass corridor in the pine trees to the bedroom, it becomes a certain “anchor” in the mind and sets you up for relaxation. The entrance area is equipped with several storage areas and is located in close proximity to the entrance. The volume in which the living area is located is as open as possible to the forest, and also has a high height in order to maintain proportions and let in more natural light. A feeling of an overflow of inner space into outer space is created.









All images with courtesy of DEZEST

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