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Em Niwa Imagines Bold And Psychedelic Nature Illustrations 


Em Niwa, an artist and tattooist from Australia, who creates transcendental and psychedelic illustrations.

Niwa’s work is illustration-based and blends a variety of enchanting scenes to make her overall body of work. Em Niwa creates many powerful images of women, varying on the different scenes that play out. These women vary from warriors to queens, to young girls clutching to a tiger or holding a butterfly. Her work embodies bold women, while simultaneously encompassing a transcendental peace and overall patience. Niwa ties these women together with the overall beauty of the natural earth. Niwa’s work touches into a magical place, with her use of starry nights or vivid jungle themes. Another unique aspect of Niwa’s style is her use of psychedelic colors.


In some of her illustrations, she will play with dozens of different colors into the piece, using bright and neon-like coloring. Sometimes, however, her work sticks to one color, varying and shading with different versions of the color hue. Niwa’s work is a reflection of female empowerment and emboldens the mind to see the world in a different way. Her landscapes will teeter between being in-depth and grand in detail, to the occasional simple piece that creates a more cartoon and delicate theme. Niwa focuses greatly on her illustrations, and journeys from digital designing to paintings as well. Her work embodies the beauty that can be seen in nature while imagining the delicate strength of the females that she creates.






Images with courtesy of Em Niwa


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