The Lost Whiskey Project By GreenSpur Rediscovers The Art Of Gathering


The Lost Whiskey Project is about exploring our personal limits of slowing down and simplifying.

It’s about the value of time and experiences over information and accumulation. This 160 sq.ft. all concrete structure is one part Scandinavian minimalism and two-part Virginia countryside. With a crackling fire that heats the hot tub, solar panels, cisterns, murphy bed, shower, and compost toilet this off-grid structure is virtually maintenance-free and should look and function the same 100 years from now. But, the secret ingredient is the escape; the trees, a warm blanket, a good book, hopefully, a good drink, and with any luck a good conversation with a friend or family member. It’s meant to bring out the best versions of ourselves. Who we are after some quality time on the mountain, away from technology – if only for a few days. This project is about rediscovering the lost art of gathering, shelter, and nature.








Photography with courtesy of GreenSpur

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