Leegan Koo Drenches Consumer Icons In Surrealist Visions


Korean born artist Leegan Koo is an absolute virtuoso of picturesque paintings, oscillating between the surreal and earthly.

Having poured himself into his craft at an early age, his years of dedication and passion has garnered him much prominence. Leegan’s style depicts everything from urban cities to oceans in a very graphic enumeration. The style of his paintings is subdued in an unhurried haze, moony and quixotic. This makes for a very interesting combination with the content of his paintings which incorporate things from mass media or brands like Spongebob, Jack in the Box, Kool-Aid, Elmo, and Lays. They’re drawn in an anemic kind of demeanor which presents a riveting narrative, disembodied yet increasingly perplexing. Moreover, Leegan portrays resplendent vistas with fantastical conceptualizations of dilapidation injected with whimsical disposition.


He paints distinguished surrealism with such specificity, all the blended elements dovetail and evokes an intriguing reflection of elaborate meaning. The labyrinths contained in each of Leegan’s creations are endlessly alluring and exquisite. Among his recent works, the artist featured the happy go lucky nautical creature, Spongebob, in various scenes that seem far removed from the exuberance of the children’s TV show. The character exists as a strange symbol, sprouted from a more recognizable human body and yet still emitting bubbles as if underwater. These details are what make Leegan Koo an exceptionally clever visualist, establishing a unique style that has set him apart as a freelance artist. There is so much more to anticipate when it comes to the mysteries Leegan Koo paints into ethereal emergence.





Images with courtesy of Leegan Koo


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