Mark Constantine Inducil Depicts 3D Mystical Abstractions


Mark Constantine Inducil is an accomplished crafter of abstracted visions.

The ways in which he digitally renders the images almost make it seem like they are paintings that exist somewhere in the world. Colors are carefully strewn together and layered with a texture that is somewhat grainy, expounding the digital art into something much more. Other effects that can be appreciated are the shiny reflections off some of the surfaces, the warped lens of a water drop, and dots of light that are akin to stars in the sky. Mark Constantine Inducil creates these languid parts of a dream that exist as a whole, laid against a black backdrop.


This design choice elevates all the fine details embedded within each of his illustrations, the black backdrop adding to the ethereal mood of it all. The facades and faces he weaves in appear to be like divine beings, glaring with a neutral sanctity that is open to interpretation. Chromatic goops and clouds glue together this conglomerate along with other elements like cubes, rings, hands, and flowery shapes. It is such a marvel to notice each aspect of Mark Constantine Inducil’s work and be enamored by the color palette. The imagery cast a futuristic glow and levitate like artistic ghosts. There is clearly so much skill and passion that goes into each one of his creations, it is refreshing to see his style evolve over time but never straying from his authentic touch. The digital art of Mark Constantine Inducil is truly timeless and never fails to amaze countless viewers.





Images with courtesy of Mark Constantine Inducil


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