McKay Felt Imagines Outlandish And Cartoonish Illustrations 


McKay Felt, a passionate illustrator, creates intriguing pieces of hand-sketched work.

With the use of his pencil to paper and bursts of color, he creates a variety of characters that are comedic, fun, and fresh. We take a step into his imaginative world and see different scenes and people from the focal point of his eccentric view. At the base of his work, Felt’s drawings have an animated style, with small lines that add to the overall look of the piece. He is light-handed with his sketches and bold with his colors and shading. To start, Felt makes creative self-portraits of himself, morphing the shape of his head and adding an overall quirky flair to the look of the piece. Specifically, Felt’s pieces are outrageous in the imagery he creates.

McKay-Felt-Visual-Atelier-8-art-1 .jpg

Something that is unique to his work is his way of trying different images that would normally not go together into one cohesive work of art. These pieces range from goo and ooze coming out of the toes, or a star exiting the head of a boy. The quirkiness of these images has a way of satisfying the eye, no matter how grotesque and elaborate it may appear. The world that Felt creates with his hand is bright and out of this world, as he often also touches on space-like themes as well. In Felt’s world, there are monsters, and there are aliens. His unique and imaginary ideas continue to inspire his audience and appease the world that many like-minded people long to see. 





Images with courtesy of McKay Felt

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