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Sean O’Connor Illustrates Beautiful Landscapes And Different Utopic Towns


Beautiful landscapes come to life at the hands of Sean O’Connor.

With his focus on digital art, O’Connor has created many stunning illustrations of landscapes that invite you to look away from your current reality and step forward into a different place. His work focuses heavily on buildings and homes that scatter across a utopic mountain, bringing to life a small dreamy village. O’Connor often illustrates greenery in his work, making the mountain vibrant with color. Inside of these mountain tops, you see detailed illustrated homes and buildings, and with his use of calming colors brings a sense of comfort and home to the piece. Even within the small detailing of the windows on the buildings and homes, O’Connor creates a different vibe in each of these scenes – as no illustration is ever the same.


Each town expresses a different mood and a different way of life, as he adds in a variety of personalities into each piece. He often showcases the power of nature, incorporating the feeling of sunset, lightning brightening the night, waterfalls, and the fresh dew of the morning. This concept of nature is another way that he is able to invite you deeper, allowing you to feel the elements coming off the screen. O’Connor’s work creates different places that the viewer may want to run away to, and it is impossible to ignore the brilliance that he is able to dream up with every different landscape he creates. 





Images with courtesy of Sean O’Connor


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