Bee Anderson Illustrates Inspirational And Educational Works Of Art

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Bee Anderson captivates the art community with her stunning illustrations that make powerful statements that are made to “educate, empower, and inform”.

While Bee has mentioned that she finds some inspiration from nature and mythology that comes from the fairytale and legends from her hometowns, Cornwall and Devon, England, she said that an even grander inspiration for her creations – is herself. Bee’s art has taken on a voice of its own and is fully created from her imagination and inquisitive mind. Based on life experiences, her questions on sexuality, politics, and feminism take the front seat in her bold illustrations. Bee states that she has been able to ask herself questions through her work and relate to others through the art that she creates. Bee draws attention to a variety of muses in her work and gives each of them a specific voice. Her illustrations pop with bright and bold colors that make many of the features of the piece stand out.

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Bee often plays with varieties of pinks, blues, yellows, and many other happy colors. Bee variates on her focal points in her pieces, sometimes drawing full bodied portraits or occasionally just the singular head of her model. These variations give a different mood and feeling to every creation, distinctly with the statements she includes in the piece. These models all evoke beautiful and spirited personality, as many of her models have bright pink circles on their cheeks and very distinct facial features that mirror the written words she has on her pieces. Bee creates her work digitally and appreciates the versatility that comes with the craft, and continues to inspire like-minded souls that are seeking answers to the same questions. 

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Images with courtesy of Bee Anderson

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