Diberkato Creates Digital Illustrations Of Incredibly Colorful Girls

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Bruno, popularly known on social media as @diberkato, shares his dazzling art with the world.

Bruno, an incredibly talented digital artist from Brazil, creates colorful portraits of powerful women that are more than just aesthetically pleasing. He has been using a digital medium since the age of fifteen years old, and says he feels as though it is a route to a world of possibilities. What makes his work stand out above most artists is the realistic aspect of the portraits, and the ability to express what is going on inside his mind and bring it to life. He begins his pieces with a quick sketch and begins visualizing how the “colors are going to talk to each other.” This can be seen clearly in each of his illustrations, as his specific choices from the color wheel make each piece pop.

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His body of work has beautiful shading and lines, and has a comic book aesthetic and texture to it. The women that are depicted are incredibly powerful in how their faces are drawn to even the clothes that they wear. Occasionally these models are even drawn with little devil horns, giving a little bit of a feistiness and a strong touch to the work. Bruno creates art from a very specific color palette and dives greatly into pinks, yellows, and blues.

He has shared that his ultimate goal when creating art,  is that the people who view it feel the same thing that he does when he begins creating these beautiful illustrations. Bruno’s hope for his body of work is that he can connect with the viewers of his art even if he hasn’t explained what the piece is about. His work continues to leave viewers awestruck with the inspirational and powerful women he draws. 

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Images with courtesy of Diberkato


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