Jago – One With Marble

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As you get to know Jago and his art, you forget what art is.

Slowly increasing and then relentlessly floating in your mind will be a consistent concern and evergreen doubt: what is art, and why do I define it as such? Away from societal dogmas is Jago’s production of marble creations. His sculptures live a life of their own, dismissive of boundaries, limits, and archetypal beliefs. They rather conjure up borders and ennoble differences and inequalities. Now active inside the church of Sant’Aspreno ai Crociferi within the Naples’ neighborhood la Sanità – known for its grief and grit – Jago asserts to be allured by Naples.

Naples happened in his life, unplanned, as simple as falling in love. As unintentional as it gets. He inexorably feels the beauty of the city, especially inside the Rione Sanità, which relieves and restores the viewer’s sore eyes, adjusting them to the idea that beauty is to find in any and every place. It might be veiled and hidden, but it underlies even the worse of situations. As you stare at Jago’s art, a strong sense of apprehension penetrates your feelings, a sensation followed by a fear of incapacity to decipher what represented that pervades your eyesight on many levels.

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His marble sculptures are all lived out – the passage of time is hyperrealist, and there no chance to lie to reality. Naked truth faces you. Once again, the same question bling in your mind: What is art? Jago leaves the reading of his works up to the viewer, a deliberate means of decompression of the message conveyed. As you stare at his works, you feel incapable of digesting the stark emotions the marble sculptures evoke, emotionally heart wrenching. His mission, to make people desirous of going and witnessing what all this fuss is about, has a positive outcome in the majority of cases. People are drawn to Jago as they are drawn to live.  

At the same time, for how much emotionally unbalancing it gets, Jago has become the voice of people who seek the light, new opportunities, and who need to take a stand. He empowers the human frailties, by spreading messages of achievement and accomplishment. He has also been defined as the master of texture and human veins carving. He becomes one with marble, breathing life into it. Marble becomes human skin. In the end, people are drawn to Jago’s art since it breathes the scents of life in and out.

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Images with courtesy of Jago

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